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UNEP/CMS’s Declaration on Migratory Bird Species

Many European migratory bird species are declining in their populations, especially Trans Saharan migrators, who winter in Sub-Saharan Africa.The main reason for the decrease in population for these species is the massive loss of habitat in the areas of migration and overwintering (s. Bairlein,
In order to address this issue and find ways of finding solutions, the initiative of an international steering group on the " Aktionsplan zum Schutz wandernder Landvogelarten " of the " Bonner Konvention " of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), which also includes Prof. Dr. Franz Bairlein’s, in Abuja, Nigeria, workshop on land use and its impact on migratory birds. As a result, the "Abuja-Deklaration" was adopted as an important document for the sustainable development of land use in West Africa taking into account the needs of men and nature.

    UNEP/CMS Zugvogel-DeklarationUNEP/CMS’s Declaration on Migratory Bird Species

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