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Publications 2020

Here you can find an alphabetically ordered list of our publications of 2020. You can find older publications in our archive.


Bairlein F (2020) „Verantwortungsart Rotmilan“. In: Deutsche Wildtierstiftung (Hrsg.) (2020): Schutz der Verantwortungsart Rotmilan – Ergebnisse des Verbundprojekts Rotmilan – Land zum Leben. Tagungsband zur Abschlussveranstaltung am 22.10.2019 in Berlin, 28-33, Hamburg

Bichet C, Bouwhuis S, Bauch C, Verhulst S, Becker PH, Vedder O (2020) Telomere length is repeatable, shortens with age and reproductive success, and predicts remaining lifespan in a long-lived seabird. Molecular Ecology 29: 429-441

Bouwhuis S, Ballani F, Bourgeois M, Stoyan D (2020) Colony size affects breeding density, but not spatial distribution type, in a seabird. Behavioral Ecology 31: 1113-1119

Desaever R, Bairlein F (2020) Advanced spring passage of “Greenlandic” wheatears (Oenanthe oenanthe leucorhoa) along the Belgium coast. Ringing & Migration;

Eikenaar C, Hessler S, Hegemann A (2020). Migrating birds rapidly increase constitutive immune function during stopover. Royal Society Open Science 7: 192031. doi: 10.1098/rsos.192031

Eikenaar C, Schäfer J, Hessler S, Packmor F, Schmaljohann H (2020) Diel variation in corticosterone and departure decision making in migrating birds. Hormone and Behavior 122.

Eikenaar C, Winslott E, Hessler S, Isaksson C (2020). Oxidative damage to lipids is rapidly reduced during migratory stopovers. Functional Ecology. doi:10.1111/1365-2435.13540

Frias-Soler RC, Pildaín LV, Wink M, Bairlein F (2020) Differentially expressed genes in the brain of the Northern Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe) with regard to the migratory phenotype. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part D;

García GO, Paterlini CA, Favero M, Becker PH, Bouwhuis S (2020) Age-, sex- and tactic-specific kleptoparasitic performance in a long-lived seabird. Journal of Ornithology 161: 183-188

Haest B, Hüppop O, Bairlein F (2020) Weather at the winter and stopover areas determines spring migration onset, progress, and advancements in Afro-Palearctic migrant birds. Proc Natl Acad Sci: 201920448; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1920448117

Jensen JK, Isaksson C, Eikenaar C, Andersson MN (2020) Migrant blackbirds, Turdus merula, have higher plasma levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids compared to residents, but not enhanced fatty acid unsaturation index. Ecology and Evolution

Kelsey NA, Schmaljohann H & Bairlein F (2020) A handy way to estimate lean body mass and fuel load from wing length: a quantitative approach using magnetic resonance data. Ringing & Migration. ISSN: 0307-8698 (Print) 2159-8355 (Online) Journal homepage:

Klinner T, Buddemeier J, Bairlein F, Schmaljohann H (2020) Decision-making in migratory birds at stopover: an interplay of energy stores and feeding conditions. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 74:10.

Klinner T, Schmaljohann H. 2020 Temperature change is an important departure cue in nocturnal migrants: controlled experiments with wild-caught birds in a proof-of-concept study. Proc. R. Soc. B 287: 20201650

Michalik B, Brust V, Hüppop O (2020) Are movements of daytime and nighttime passerine migrants as different as day and night? Ecology and Evolution

Moiron M, Araya-Ajoy YG, Teplitsky C, Charmantier A*, Bouwhuis S* (in press) Understanding the social dynamics of breeding phenology: indirect genetic effects and assortative mating in a long distance migrant. American Naturalist (*shared senior authorship)

Packmor F, Klinner T, Woodworth BK, Eikenaar C, Schmaljohann H (2020) Stopover departure decisions in songbirds: do long-distance migrants depart earlier and more independently of weather conditions than medium-distance migrants? Movement Ecology  8:6.

Scheiffarth G, Braun F & Exo KM (2020): Der Populationsbiologie auf der Spur: Mellum – Insel der Silbermöwen? Falke 67/6: 20-24

Schmaljohann H, Klinner T (2020) A quasiexperimental approach using telemetry to assess migrationstrategyspecific differences in the decisionmaking processes at stopover. BMC Ecol (2020) 20:36

Wang E, Zhang D, Santhosh Braun M, Hotz-Wagenblatt A, Pärt T, Arlt D, Schmaljohann H, Bairlein F, Lei F, Wink M (2020) Can Mitogenomes of the Northern Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe) Reconstruct Its Phylogeography and Reveal the Origin of Migrant Birds? Scientific Reports 10:9290


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