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• Bouwhuis S, Ballani F, Bourgeois M, Stoyan D (in press) Colony size affects breeding density, but not spatial distribution type, in a seabird. Behavioral Ecology

• García GO, Paterlini CA, Favero M, Becker PH, Bouwhuis S (2020) Age-, sex- and tactic-specific kleptoparasitic performance in a long-lived seabird. Journal of Ornithology 161: 183-188

• Bichet C, Bouwhuis S, Bauch C, Verhulst S, Becker PH, Vedder O (2020) Telomere length is repeatable, shortens with age and reproductive success, and predicts remaining lifespan in a long-lived seabird. Molecular Ecology 29: 429-441

• Kürten N, Vedder O, González-Solís J, Schmaljohann H, Bouwhuis S (2019) No detectable effect of light-level geolocators on the behaviour and fitness of a long-distance migratory seabird. Journal of Ornithology 160: 1087-1095

• Vedder O, Zhang H, Dänhardt A, Bouwhuis S (2019) Age-specific offspring mortality economically tracks food abundance in a piscivorous seabird. American Naturalist 193: 588-597

• Culina A, Linton DM, Pradel R, Bouwhuis S, Macdonald DW (2019) Live fast, don’t die young: survival reproduction trade-offs in long-lived income breeders. Journal of Animal Ecology 88: 746-756

• Bichet C, Vedder O, Sauer-Gürth H, Becker PH, Wink M, Bouwhuis S (2019) Contrasting heterozygosity-fitness correlations across life in a long-lived seabird. Molecular Ecology 28: 671-685

• Colchero F, Jones OR, Conde DA, Hodgson D, Zajitschek F, Schmidt BR, Malo AF, Alberts SC, Becker PH, Bouwhuis S, Bronikowski AM, de Vleeschouwer KM, Delahay RJ, Dummermuth S, Fernández-Duque E, Frisenvænge J, Hesselsøe M, Larson S, Lemaître J-F, McDonald J, Miller DAW, O'Donnell C, Packer C, Raboy BE, Reading CJ, Wapstra E, Weimerskirch H, While GM, Baudisch A, Flatt T, Coulson T, Gaillard J-M (2019) The diversity of population responses to environmental change. Ecology Letters 22: 342-353

• Vedder O, Verhulst S, Zuidersma E, Bouwhuis S (2018) Embryonic growth rate affects telomere attrition: an experiment in a wild bird. Journal of Experimental Biology 221: jeb181586

Bouwhuis S (2018) On the ecological insights provided by a long-term study on an even longer-lived bird. Journal of Animal Ecology 87: 891-892

• Bouwhuis S, Verhulst S, Bauch C, Vedder O (2018) Reduced telomere length in offspring of old fathers in a long-lived seabird. Biology Letters 14: 20180213

• Hamel S, Gaillard J-M, Yoccoz NG, Bassar RD, Bouwhuis S, Caswell H, Douhard M, Gangloff EJ, Gimenez O, Lee PC, Smallegange IM, Steiner UK, Vedder O, Vindenes Y (2018) Moving forward on individual heterogeneity. Oikos 127: 750-756

• Vedder O, Bouwhuis S (2018) Heterogeneity in individual quality in birds: overall patterns and insights from a study on common terns. Oikos 127: 719-727

• Keogan K, Daunt F, Wanless S, Phillips RA, Walling CA, Agnew P, Ainley DG, Anker-Nilssen T, Ballard G, Barrett RT, Barton KJ, Bech C, Becker PH, Berglund P-A, Birkhead T, Bollache L, Bond AL, Bouwhuis S, Bradley RW, Burr ZM, Camphuysen K, Catry P, Chiaradia A, Christensen-Dalsgaard S, Cuthbert R, Dehnhard N, Descamps S, Diamon T, Divoky G, Drummond H, Dugger KM, Dunn MJ, Emmerson L, Erikstad KE, Fort J, Fraser W, Gaston A, Genovart M, Gilg O, González-Solís J, Granadeiro JP, Gremillet D, Hansen J, Hanssen SA, Harris M, Hedd A, Hinke J, Igual JM, Jahncke J, Jones I, Kappes PJ, Lang J, Langset M, Lescroël A, Lorentsen S-H, Lyver PO'B, Mallory M, Moe B, Montevecchi WA, Monticelli D, Mostello C, Newell M, Nicholson L, Nisbet I, Olsson O, Oro D, Pattison V, Poisbleau M, Pyk T, Quintana F, Ramos J, Ramos R, Reiertsen TK, Rodríguez C, Ryan P, Sanz-Aguilar A, Schmidt NM, Shannon P, Sittler B, Southwell C, Surman C, Svagelj WS, Trivelpiece W, Warzybok P, Watanuki Y, Weimerskirch H, Wilson PR, Wood AG, Phillimore AB, Lewis S (2018) Global phenological insensitivity to shifting ocean temperatures among seabirds. Nature Climate Change 8: 313-318

• Vedder O, Verhulst S, Bauch C, Bouwhuis S (2017) Telomere attrition and growth: a life-history framework and case study in common terns. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 30: 1409-1419

• Vedder O, Kürten N, Bouwhuis S (2017) Intra-specific variation in, and environment-dependent resource allocation to, embryonic development time in common terns. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 90: 453-460

• Dobson FS, Becker PH, Arnaud CM, Bouwhuis S, Charmantier A (2017) Plasticity results in delayed breeding in a long-distant migrant seabird. Ecology & Evolution 7: 3100-3109

• Bouwhuis S, Vedder O (2017) Avian escape artists? Patterns, processes and costs of senescence in wild birds. In: The evolution of senescence in the tree of life. Eds. Shefferson RP, Jones OR, Salguero-Gómez R. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (UK)

• Vedder O, Zhang H, Bouwhuis S (2017) Early mortality saves energy: estimating the energetic cost of excess offspring in a seabird. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 284: 20162724

• Vedder O, Bouwhuis S, Benito MM, Becker PH (2016) Male-biased sex allocation in ageing parents; a longitudinal study in a long-lived seabird. Biology Letters 12: 20160260

• Mourocq E, Bize P, Bouwhuis S, Bradley R, Charmantier A, de la Cruz C, Drobniak SM, Espie RHM, Herényi M, Hötker H, Krüger O, Marzluff J, Møller AP, Nakagawa S, Phillips RA, Radford AN, Roulin A, Török J, Valencia J, van de Pol M, Warkentin IG, Winney IS, Wood AG, Griesser M (2016) Lifespan and reproductive cost explain interspecific variation in the optimal onset of reproduction. Evolution 70: 296-313 

• Bouwhuis S, Vedder O, Becker PH (2015) Sex-specific pathways of parental age effects on offspring lifetime reproductive success in a long-lived seabird. Evolution 69: 1760-1771

• Zhang H, Vedder O, Becker PH, Bouwhuis S (2015) Age-dependent trait variation: the relative contribution of within-individual change, selective appearance and disappearance in a long-lived seabird. Journal of Animal Ecology 84: 797-807

• Szostek KL, Bouwhuis S, Becker PH (2015) Are arrival date and body mass after spring migration influenced by large-scale environmental factors in a migratory seabird? Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 3: article 42

• Zhang H, Vedder O, Becker PH, Bouwhuis S (2015) Contrasting between- and within-individual trait effects on mortality risk in a long-lived seabird. Ecology 96: 71-79

• Zhang H, Rebke M, Becker PH, Bouwhuis S (2015) Fitness prospects: effects of age, sex and recruitment age on reproductive value in a long-lived seabird. Journal of Animal Ecology 84: 199-207

• Bouwhuis S, Vedder O, Garroway CJ, Sheldon BC (2015) Ecological causes of multi-level covariance between size and first-year survival in a wild bird population. Journal of Animal Ecology 84: 208-218

• Boonekamp JJ, Salomons HM, Bouwhuis S, Dijkstra C, Verhulst S (2014) Reproductive effort accelerates actuarial senescence in wild birds: an experimental study. Ecology Letters 17: 599-605

• Vedder O, Bouwhuis S, Sheldon BC (2014) The contribution of an avian top predator to selection in prey species. Journal of Animal Ecology 83: 99-106

• Bouwhuis S, Quinn JL, Sheldon BC, Verhulst S (2014) Personality and metabolic rate in a wild bird population. Oikos 123: 56-62

• Vedder O, Bouwhuis S, Sheldon BC (2013) Quantitative assessment of the importance of phenotypic plasticity in adaptation to climate change in wild bird populations. PLOS Biology 11: e1001605 (rated as of exceptional quality by the Faculty of 1000)

• Bolund E, Bouwhuis S, Pettay J, Lummaa V (2013) Divergent selection on, but no genetic conflict over, female and male timing and rate of reproduction in a human population. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 280: 20132002

• Bouwhuis S, Choquet R, Sheldon BC, Verhulst S (2012) The forms and fitness cost of senescence: age-specific recapture, survival, reproduction and reproductive value in a wild bird population. American Naturalist 179: E15-E27

• Bouwhuis S, Sheldon BC, Verhulst S (2011) Basal metabolic rate and the rate of senescence in the great tit. Functional Ecology 24: 829-838

• Bouwhuis S, van Noordwijk AJ, Sheldon BC, Verhulst S, Visser ME (2010) Similar patterns of age- specific reproduction in an island and mainland population of great tits, Parus major. Journal of Avian Biology 41: 615-620

• Bouwhuis S, Charmantier A, Verhulst S, Sheldon BC (2010) Individual variation in rates of senescence: natal origin effects and disposable soma in a wild bird population. Journal of Animal Ecology 79: 1251-1261 (recommended by the Faculty of 1000)

• Bouwhuis S, Charmantier A, Verhulst S, Sheldon BC (2010) Trans-generational effects on ageing in a wild bird population. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23: 636-642

• Bouwhuis S, Sheldon BC, Verhulst S, Charmantier A (2009) Great tits growing old: selective disappearance and the partitioning of senescence to stages within the breeding cycle. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 276: 2769-2777

• Quinn JL, Patrick SC, Bouwhuis S, Wilkin TA, Sheldon BC (2009) Heterogeneous selection on a heritable temperament trait in a variable environment. Journal of Animal Ecology 78: 1203-1215

• Both C, Bouwhuis S, Lessells CM, Visser ME (2006) Climate change and population declines in a long- distance migratory bird. Nature 441: 81-83

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