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List of publications


• Bichet, C., Bouwhuis, S., Bauch, C., Verhulst, S., Becker, P.H. and Vedder, O. 2020. Telomere length is repeatable, shortens with age and reproductive success, and predicts remaining lifespan in a long-lived seabird. Molecular Ecology 29: 429-441.


• Bichet, C., Vedder, O., Sauer-Gürth, H., Becker, P.H., Wink, M. and Bouwhuis, S. 2019. Contrasting heterozygosity-fitness correlations across life in a long-lived seabird. Molecular Ecology 28: 671-685.


• Bichet, C.,  Lepetit, D. and Cohas, A. 2018. Extrinsic and intrinsic constraints interact to drive extra-pair paternities in the Alpine marmot. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 31: 1794-1802. 


• Cohas, A., Rey, B., Federico, V., Regis, C., Lardy, S. and Bichet, C. 2018. Stress levels of dominant reflect underlying conflicts with subordinates in a cooperatively breeding species. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 72:72.


• Bichet, C., Allainé, D., Sauzet, S. and Cohas, A. 2016. Faithful or not: direct and indirect effects of climate on extra-pair paternities in a population of Alpine marmots. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 283: 20162240.


• Bichet, C., Sauzet, S., Averty, L., Dupont, P., Ferrandiz-Rovira, C. Ferrari, M., Figueroa, I., Tafani, M., Rézouki, C., Lopez, B.-C. and Cohas, A. 2016. Multiple geographic origins and high genetic differentiation of the Alpine marmots reintroduced in the Pyrenees. Conservation Genetics, 17: 1157-1169.


• Bichet, C.,  Moodley, Y.,  Penn, D.J., Sorci, G. and Garnier, S. 2015. Genetic structure in insular and mainland populations of house sparrows (Passer domesticus) and their haemosporidian parasites. Ecology and Evolution, 5(8): 1639-1652.


• Bichet, C., Penn, D., Moodley, Y., Dunoyer, L., Cellier-Holzem, E., Garnier, S., Sorci, G. 2014. Preference for genetically similar mates in an island population of house sparrows. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 14: 47.


• Bichet, C., Sorci, G., Robert, A., Julliard, R., Lendvai, A., Chastel, O., Garnier, S., and Loiseau, C. 2014. Epidemiology of Plasmodium relictum infection in the house sparrow. Journal of Parasitology, 100(1): 59-65.


• Larcombe, S., Bichet, C., Cornet, S., Faivre, B., and Sorci, G. 2013. Food availability and competition do not modulate the costs of Plasmodium infection in dominant male canaries. Experimental Parasitology, 135(4): 708-714.


• Cornet, S., Bichet, C., Larcombe, S., Faivre, B., and Sorci, G. 2013. Impact of host condition on infection dynamics and parasite virulence in a bird-malaria system. Journal of Animal Ecology, DOI: 10.1111/1365-2656.12113.


• Bichet, C., Scheifler, R., Cœurdassier, M., Julliard, R., Sorci, G., and Loiseau, C. 2013. Urbanization, trace metal pollution, and malaria prevalence in the house sparrow. PloSOne, 8(1).


• Loiseau, C., Harrigan, R. J., Bichet, C., Julliard, R., Garnier, S., Lendvai, A. Z., Chastel, O., and Sorci, G. 2012. Predictions of avian Plasmodium expansion under climate change. Nature Scientific Reports, 3.


• Bichet, C., Cornet, S., Larcombe, S., and Gabriele Sorci. 2012. Experimental inhibition of nitric oxide increases Plasmodium relictum (lineage SGS1) parasitaemia. Experimental Parasitology, 132(4): 417-423.



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